Zahra & Shaharyar

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27 Jul 2018 in

Author : mustafai

This candid clown of a guy, also called Mustafa Ilyas professionally, was our photographer for my sister’s wedding 4 years ago. Exactly 4 years later, he became mine. What can I say about him and his work that many haven’t already said? Let’s just say that apart from being our permanent family photographer, he is also now a family friend. All my 4 events, Nikkah, Mehndi, Rukhsati and Valima were captured by him rather beautifully. I fell in love with the gorgeous images captured by him & his team and equally cherish the memories that were made off camera. The teasing, the continuous reminders of "chin down, eyes open and SMILE!" still ring through my ears whenever we click pictures now. You were amazing with me and Shaharyar, Mustafa! Folks, he is young yet, he’s always on time, organized and extremely efficient. He’s gonna make you smile and capture those ridiculously candid moments which you will laugh about later while going through your albums and videos. Kudos boy! You have given us a lifetime of happiness, the evidence of which will last with us forever. Keep it up! God bless you.

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