Zainab & Zohaib

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31 Aug 2015 in

Author : mustafai

When i was looking for photographers for my wedding i was very scared about how they would turn out to be and if the photographer really would get what i wanted my pictures to be like since i myself am really fond of taking pictures. I searched and talked to a lot of photographers myself and then this one day i found out that Mustafa Ilyas who was also my junior and class mate (and a very funny one if i may add :p) also did wedding photography. I talked to him and he was really helpful in making me understand how things worked and stuff for wedding photography and I really commend his interest in wanting to work despite being really young! As it turned out my wedding pictures were AMAZING! Not only I but my whole family including my husband and his family too loved the pictures he took. The albums he made were not only creative but they even showed a story. I loved having Mustafa as my photographer and how he made sure we were really comfortable while he took our pictures. Thank you Mustafa and your partners for making my wedding memorable and capturing those important memories in the most beautiful way. I wish you all the best for the future and may you prosper and get all the success that you truly deserve! Zainab&Zohaib.

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